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How do you grow your motivational skills?

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 12 Sep 2021

It’s important to go from having purely transactional relationships with stakeholders to create more informal and personal connections. This will foster trust and engagement.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How well do I actually know my key stakeholders from a work perspective? Do I know about all aspects of their role, how their work is measured, what challenges they face in their role, and the extent to which my work is important to them?

  • How well do I actually know my key stakeholders from a personal perspective? Do I know where and how they live, with whom, and what their interests are outside work?

  • Have I asked my colleagues about their professional and personal goals?

  • Have I got a system to capture this data so I remember it and can reference it next time we catch up?

  • Am I capturing this extra information with a genuine interest in understanding my colleagues and with a willingness to help them, or am I just using the relationship as a way to forward my career. If the latter, will this build or destroy trust?

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