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How do you grow your meeting management skills?

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 14 Sep 2021

Identify what is the meeting that you consider to be the biggest waste of your time. Start from that one meeting and take these actions:

  • Talk to other participants. Are they happy with the way the meetings are run and organized? Would they support a discussion about how to change the meeting for the better?

  • Is there a clear mandate for the meeting? Is it really clear what the purpose of the meeting is? It may be possible to ask the organizer, chair of the meeting, or the person who has sponsored the meeting these questions. If these two things are clear, which is quite unusual, then question when they were last reviewed.

  • Deal with the worst bits first. Hitting everyone up with all ten changes might be overkill. Choose two or three changes that make the most difference and sell the benefits of these first.

  • After the changes have been made and implemented in several meetings, check in with the group. Is it better? Should we be deploying these new rules to other meetings?

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