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How do you become a better customer strategist? - Part 1

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 21 Sep 2021

To show that you are in touch with your organisation’s primary business you need to have a working knowledge of customer statistics, such as their needs, preferences, service experiences, issues and concerns.

Ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Do I have access to a constant stream of customer research or profiling that my organisation gathers?

  • Am I familiar with the customers’ expectations, needs, preferences and experiences, whether good or bad?

  • Do I know what kinds of things customers find especially satisfying? What is it that the organisation does that keeps customers coming back?

  • Do I know what kinds of things customers find dissatisfying? What threatens their loyalty or actually causes them to take their business elsewhere? What are their common complaints?

  • Do I know how customers, whether current or emerging, describe their needs?

  • Do I have a combination of quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (stories and examples) data? Have I considered how these data points inform (or might inform) my own team’s vision, priorities and provisions of advice or services?

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