Custom leadership development programs

Written by Alistair Gordon 23 Feb 2021

The challenge for any organisation is to develop leadership development initiatives that actually work – that is, new skills and mindsets are actually deployed effectively in the work place.

Through a complete re-examination of how leaders want to develop their leadership skills, and a focus on ensuring effective support networks are in place post workshop or coaching session, our clients strongly advocate our services to others because we produce results.

We’re leaders in developing effective, customised leadership development programs across AsiaPac and beyond.

Our leadership program design principles include:

  • Co-creation with clients – a partnership and collaboration;

  • Absolute clarity about objectives and measures at the outset;

  • Innovation and creativity – re-imagining design models and delivery options, particularly now we are emerging into a “live-with-COVID” world;

Our refined view of “Ways of Designing” includes:

  • Executive sponsorship and involvement;

  • Detailed discovery;

  • Participant self-insight and other illumination;

  • An open feedback culture;

  • A balance between theoretical and practical with the emphasis on the latter;

  • Built-in participant manager support and participation;

  • 24x7 support for participants and managers with bespoke learning portals, using an advanced content management system;

  • Coaching or informal mentoring to support deployment of new leadership behaviours;

  • Continuous measurement of impact against pre-agreed measures; and

  • A robust accountability loop which ensures participants not only commit to behavioural change but execute plans to change.

  • As the list above implies, we take a highly blended approach to custom design and delivery.

Ask for our guidelines

A detailed PDF on The HFL Approach to Leadership Development is available upon request.

We are also happy to provide a comprehensive summary of Recently Completed Projects by HFL upon request.

And of course, we are more than happy to introduce prospective clients to our existing clients for comprehensive testimonials. You’ll need to talk to us directly to get this list.

We have also produced a specific PDF entitled How HFL Works With Senior Leaders, since we have some specific settings that we believe are necessary to produce great results with this cohort. Again, it is available on request.

Please note: we are happy to have no-obligation discussions with non-clients, since we always learn from each other in these discussions.

Outstanding Front-line leadership programs

HFL has re-imagined the way front-line leadership programs are developed, with an off-the-shelf product that isn’t customised for organisations, but IS customised for participants. These are delivered through our Fastlead division at

World-leading development programs for senior technical experts

HFL has pioneered the development of specific programs for technical subject matter experts, called Expertship programs. These are delivered by our Expertunity division at

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