Guiding teams through rapid change

Written by Darin Fox Released 27 Jan 2021

Organisations often hire expensive change managers to support a big company-wide change initiative but where the rubber hits the road in all change programs is the conversation that happens between you and your team. How can managers better support their team through change that is often imposed from high above?

In this episode, we ask Tracey McGrath, leadership coach and facilitator:

  • What is “rapid change” as opposed to just “change” and why is it so important?

  • How well do supervisors cope with change as individuals?

  • How well do they support their people through change that is imposed on them?

  • What are the most common mistakes managers make when trying to help their people through rapid change?

  • What are some top hints and tips managers could start applying right away?


  • “Change muscles can atrophy. Create you own change if you have to.”

  • “Human knowledge will double every 12 hours.”

  • “It’s monkey see, monkey do.”

  • “The more comfortable you are with change, the more valuable you are.”

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Show notes

We are living in exponential times.

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